We’re Back!

Read Time: 3 Minutes

Hey Everyone! We are officially back! With once again, a new and improved TronMC Network.
You can check out below the newest features added to the server.

Classic Tron SMP!

Obviously we had to leave in the classic SMP. This SMP is your favorite one, Season 2! It has everyones favorite and has the most progress with a whopping 7 GB world file!

PrimeLands Addition!

TronMC possibly will be partnered with PrimeLands Network somewhere this year, it is currently not open yet to the public but hopefully will be shortly!

New Rocket Riders Game!

We have added a game into TronMC Network called Rocket Riders! It was created and developed by the Zeronia Development Team! It is a refresh of the old game Missile Wars. Where you can rocket each other’s base (when you play it you will know what I mean!)

legal stuffs: All of the TronMC Network modifications created by MrTron followed the MPL 2.0 License of Rocket Riders.

New Lobby!

We have of course a brand new Lobby that you can go check out to access all these new features and gamemodes.

We hope you have fun on the TronMC Network as we have worked very hard to make sure you have the most amount of fun. The same rules follow on the Tron SMP as on everything else. Remember if you need help with Rocket Riders or if you found a bug please feel free to reach out on our support page that you can click here to visit!

-MrTron <3