Indemnity Update

Read Time: 2 minutes.

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The Precious Remedy Stone!

We have added our own custom made plugin that allows players to use a special stone to which they can activate and when they die they respawn at their last spawn point but their items and XP stay with them (kind of like a totem but on steroids).

How to craft?

The crafting recipe is super simple implementing some brand new items from 1.19.

To make it you use one Recovery Compass (crafted with a compass surrounded by echo shards), two diamonds and two netherite ingots. (THE RECIPE MIGHT BE CHANGED IF IT IS BASICALLY UNOBTAINABLE)

How to activate the stone?

Well, with our new custom made plugin it is simple to do! Just simply type /tmc protect, if you have the correct item you will get a nice message saying the stone is activated. This means you can go throughout your life knowing it is protected by the stone. Then when you die the stone is used and it brings your items, XP, and yourself back to your spawn point!

I hope you have an amazing day and enjoy the update!
MrTron <3