A New Beginning…

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Currently as of the 4th of August 2021, TronMC is currently offline. We have done this because there is not a high player count as of now.

We do realize that some people might still wanna play, but it cost’s money.
TronMC will resume once we see more people requesting for Minecraft.
I wanna talk about quickly some maybe new ideas.

Some Ideas

Now I have had some idas in mind to maybe make TronMC more into a Network then just a basic SMP because it isn’t really an SMP anymore.
I was thinking about making some Mini-Game based things along with also still having the SMP.

NOTE : I am still currrently brainstorming and none of this may come true.
Of course, if you have any ideas tell me on Discord or if you have a very detailed idea just [click here] to visit our support page!


Q: Will TronMC go public?
A: Yes if it becomes a network it would become fully public.

Q: What happens if none of this happens?
A: Then I guess I will brainstorm some more.

News Revamp!

This part has nothing really to do with the server itself, but what do ya think of the new News format? Let me know!
I have run out of ideas to talk about because I need to think but please tell me anything you think that might be good to add or do!